Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal

Wednesday - 2:00pm

First Class: 1/11/23

Last Class: 3/1/23


Instructor: Jerry Bilik

Jerry Bilik was born near the New Rochelle, NY Containment Area (in fact, his family home was right in the MIDDLE of it!). He graduated from New Rochelle High School, then the Univ. of Michigan, served in the US Army, then studied privately with Tibor Serly in NYC, then joined the faculty of the U. of M. School of Music and Wayne State University, then left academia for Hollywood whence further information can be found on Google or Wikipedia.

Course Description

Regardless of their personal faith, most of the great composers seemed to produce their most inspired work in settings of the Catholic mass. We will examine their singularly effective efforts and let them carry us Heavenward whether we want to go that way or not!

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