Adventures in Street Photography

Adventures in Street Photography

Wednesday - 11:00am

First Class: 1/11/23

Last Class: 2/22/23


Instructor: Barry Bub

Barry Bub lives and breathes the joy of photography and delights in helping others to advance their abilities and appreciation of this art form. This passion is combined with many interests--travel, psychology, philosophy, gestalt psychotherapy, spirituality, art, design and storytelling. He has long-taught widely in healthcare, lifelong learning settings, and for retreat centers such as Esalen and ElatChayyim. He is the author of numerous articles and the book Communication Skills that Heal. Barry, a former family physician, is a native of South Africa and lives in Sarasota with his wife Rabbi Goldie Milgram.

Course Description

All of life is an adventure filled with unexpected encounters, reactions and consequences. Likewise with street photography. It is an exciting, fun and often deeply meaningful activity that raises awareness and enriches life. This is not a repeat of last year’s successful class. In this new offering we will dig more deeply into the topic as we expand our skills in seeing, photographing and making meaning of the images we create. Not strictly a photography course, sessions are designed to be of interest to all, including artists. Reviews of personal photographs and optional street photography walks will be offered.

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