The Amazing World of Choral Music

The Amazing World of Choral Music

Tuesday - 11:00am

First Class: 1/10/23

Last Class: 1/31/23


Instructor: Ari Delevie

This will be the sixth year of my presenting courses on music at PCU. Not being a musician, (retired clinical psychologist,) but a music lover, I offered courses on opera, symphonies, requiems, conductors, Carmina Burana, and short famous pieces of music. I enjoy passing on knowledge about topics I find exciting-- voila: music.

Course Description

From Barbershop Quartet to Verdi's Requiem, from glee club to Beethoven's Ninth, from Opera's great choruses to National Anthems. The unsurpassed ultimate musical instrument; the human voice, will delight us in a wide variety of choral performances.

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