Memoirs About Fathers

Memoirs About Fathers

Friday - 9:30am

First Class: 1/13/23

Last Class: 2/24/23


Instructor: Alice Goodman

Alice Goodman has a BA in English from Skidmore College and an MA in English from NYU -- she has taught college level courses and adult classes in literature, including one at Pelican Cove in 2022.

Course Description

This course will explore 4 memoirs about relationships with the authors' fathers. The class will meet every other week, giving participants 2 weeks to read each book. The only required readings are the 4 novels. This is an interactive class, based on participants' sharing. For each class, I will provide questions that we will discuss in class. The course will be limited to 10 people.

The memoirs are:

PATRIMONY by Philip Roth
An Odyssey by Daniel Mendelsohn
In the Darkroom by Susan Faludi
The Shadow Man by Mary Gordon

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