Make Music with Friends: Learn to Play the Recorder

Make Music with Friends: Learn to Play the Recorder

Tuesday - 11:00am

First Class: 2/7/23

Last Class: 3/21/23


Instructor: Brooke Jaron

I have been teaching and performing on the recorder for over 40 years. I taught at George Washington University and University of Rhode Island. I was also on the faculty of Settlement Music School in Philadelphia, had many private students and taught at numerous recorder society workshops on the East Coast. I was the music director of the Philadelphia Recorder Society for 11 years. I have performed with Philomel, Orfeo Ensemble and The Folger Consort. I was a student of Marian Verbruggen in Amsterdam, Holland, and Bernard Krainis in Gt. Barrington MA.

Course Description

The recorder is one of the most popular instruments in America among adult amateur musicians. What contributes to its popularity is the relative ease in learning to play as well as the social aspect of playing in groups both small and large. I will offer a series of group lessons on soprano and alto recorders with the hope of eventually forming consorts for group playing. No experience in recorder playing is necessary, but some knowledge of reading music (treble clef) is strongly suggested. Based on the experience that I had teaching last season; I would like to divide the class into three sections. Each will last for 1/2 hour. The first period will be for people who have not taken the class before, have not played the recorder in the last 50 years or so, or have not progressed beyond the first half of the book used last year. The second period will be for people who have finished most of the book one from last year but have not gone on to book two. Both groups will focus on learning the fingering for the notes and playing basic rhythms. The third group will work on playing consort music together with some fingering and rhythm instructions along the way. The entire class time will be between 11:00 and 12:30.

Students may bring any recorders (soprano, alto or tenor) to the first class. If you don’t have an instrument, I will discuss the various instrument sizes at the first class and recommend a place to purchase one. I also have a few loaner instruments that can be used on a temporary basis. We will use 2 books designed for adult beginners. I will bring copies of the first few pages to the first class and once I know the number of students in the class, I will furnish information about purchasing.

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