Pelican Cove Salon

Pelican Cove Salon

Thursday - 11:00am

First Class: 1/12/23

Last Class: 3/30/23


Instructor: Michael Karp

Michael Karp practiced law as a civil trial attorney for 15 years in New York City and 30 years in Sarasota. For the past 7 years, he has moderated several discussion groups in Sarasota, focusing on “what’s going on in the world."

Course Description

This is a continuation of a course which has been held off-season at Pelican Cove. Unlike other lecture courses, this course is intended to be an open discussion. Participants will receive a weekly agenda with suggested topics which may include political or economic issues, and current events affecting people in Florida and around the world.

The Salon provides a vehicle for people to express their opinions and feelings in a structured way. Rather than listening to a lecture, they are active participants in the discussion with Michael serving as moderator or facilitator. As one participant noted, “We may not agree, but we’re respectful and civilized."

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