Flora, Fauna and Environment of Pelican Cove 2023

Flora, Fauna and Environment of Pelican Cove 2023

Thursday - 11:00am

First Class: 2/23/23

Last Class: 3/23/23


Instructor: Cherie Kiesler

Speakers will include a biologist from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, an Environmental Agent from the University of Florida Institute for Food and Agriculture, a representative from the Sarasota Bay and Estuary Program, as well as our local Certified Bird Expert.

Course Description


“The good, the bad, and the ugly” critters, birds, trees, plants, and water of our Florida home will be covered in five sessions. Sessions will be presented by various outside agencies and PC resident experts. Speakers will present via Zoom. Attendees may either view them on the large screen at the Pavilion or from home. Some sessions will have tours around PC. Tour dates and times will be announced at the presentation.


Feb 23 – Fauna of PC – Behaviors of, and how best to deal with, our local fauna will be discussed. These will include alligators, raccoons, armadillos, and bobcats. Presented by: Rhonda Douthett, Biologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Services.

March 2 - Waters of Pelican Cove and Little Sarasota Bay- Megan Barry, Director of Planning and Communications, Sarasota Bay Estuary Program, will discuss the health of our bay and the “Comprehensive Conservation Plan for Sarasota Bay.” Tours of the mini-reefs in the harbor will be held sometime after the presentation.

March 9 - Birds of PC- A new twist on Janet’s “sold out” performance from last year. Presented by: Janet Paisley, PC Resident and Birder extraordinaire. Janet will lead bird walks in the mornings and evenings.

Mar 16 – Flora of PC – “Florida Friendly Landscaping” will be presented by Forest Hecker, Communications Outreach Specialist UFAS/IFAS. Walking tours will be held afterward by Cherie Kiesler, PC Resident and weeder and by Norm Burr, PC resident, horticulturist and Docent at the Eides Property.

March 23 - Bugs of PC- “Pests and Pollinators” will be presented by Ashley Ellis, Chemicals in the Environment Agent, University of Florida Inst of Food and Agriculture. Suzy Patterson has invited people to stop by and see her butterfly operation at1627 Brookhouse Dr, BR 161. Suzie is a member of the Sarasota Butterfly Society.

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