Buddhism in Challenging Times

Buddhism in Challenging Times

Monday - 11:00am

First Class: 1/9/23

Last Class: 2/6/23


Instructor: Martin Lowenthal

Martin Lowenthal is author of eleven books, including To Bless in Challenging Times; Buddha and the Art of Intimacy; Blessings of the Creative Buddha; Opening the Heart of Compassion: Transform Suffering Through Buddhist Psychology and Practice; and Alchemy of the Soul. He was on the faculty of Boston College and Harvard University Extension and is currently the Senior Teacher with the Dedicated Life Institute.

Course Description

We will explore the ways Buddhism approaches living in challenging times. As a sophisticated philosophy and psychology developed over thousands of years, Buddhism emphasizes how to be present, engaged, and live in an inevitably changing world with consciousness, love, and compassion in everyday as well as spiritual life. In his time of warring fiefdoms, caste structures, and turbulence, the Buddha presented an ennobling path of meditation, virtues, and respect that supports the development of personal and communal well-being, inclusion, and democracy.

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