Aging With Dignity

Aging With Dignity

Thursday - 11:00am

First Class: 1/19/23

Last Class: 2/2/23


Instructor: Paula M. Rayman

Paula Rayman, PhD is Professor Emerita at University of Massachusetts and Visiting Scholar at Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is the Founding Director of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UMass Lowell and Founding Director of the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute, Harvard University. The focus of her scholarship and nonviolent action advocacy has been the intersection of gender equity, economic justice and global public policy. Paula has 11 grandchildren and with her husband, Richard Herman, loves Pelican Cove.

Course Description

This three session course will focus on defining the values that provide a sense of purpose in your life and how to envision the legacy you wish to leave for the future.

This course builds on earlier courses on “journeys of hope” and “resiliency," but there are no prerequisites and the readings (to be distributed in class) will be new.

The course will move from individual perspectives on dignity, to interpersonal connections that provide purpose and conclude with building sustainable community.

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