Submit Course Proposal

Thank you for your interest in teaching a course at Pelican Cove University. Your proposal will be submitted to the Curriculum Committee for consideration, and first-time Instructors will be contacted to schedule an interview. The criteria for selection of courses include anticipated interest in the topic, balance with similar course offerings, Instructor qualifications, and possible scheduling constraints. Receipt of proposals will be confirmed by email.

Course Criteria

Individuals interested in teaching a course are asked to complete a Course Proposal and submit it to the PCU Curriculum Committee for consideration. The course must have educational content--that is, be based on a body of knowledge which the instructor is imparting to and/or discussing with the students. Instructors will not distribute written or printed materials that display a trademark or logo, nor promote by verbal means any commercial enterprise, business, company, or other profit-making entity. The educational and cultural neutrality of PCU must be maintained at all times.

Since course selection will be based on a series of judgments by the Curriculum Committee, questions about whether courses meet the criteria of having educational content will be resolved by discussions between the proposer and the Curriculum Committee. In determining whether a course will be repeated, the committee will consider class attendance at previous seasons, the difference in content from previous courses taught by the same instructor and whether similar courses are being offered. • In determining whether to accept a “how-to” type of course, the committee will consider the body of knowledge upon which the course is based and whether similar courses are being offered.

You can copy and paste into the boxes below, which can make dealing with longer content such as "Course Description", "Bio", and "Required Materials" easier.

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