Creative Encounter with Words and Art: A Natural Way of Knowing *Filled*

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Friday 11:15 to 1:15

First Class: 2/5/2021

Weeks: 4
Limited Enrollment: 10


Instructors: Connie Cantor - Karen Edwards

Connie Cantor is a self-taught artist who works intuitively in a variety of media and styles. She has taught adult classes in creativity at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts including: Experimental Drawing; Finding Your Way with Words and Art; and The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Journey. Connie has also conducted workshops for seniors through Elderhostel and the Jewish Association on Aging; for mentally challenged adults through Allegheny EastMental Rehabilitation and for victims of sexual abuse through Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

Connie has attended week-long workshops with seminal teachers in the field of creativity: Peter London (No More Second Hand Art: Awakening the Artist Within); Michelle Cassou (Life, Paint and Passion); and M. C. Richards (Centering: Pottery, Poetry and the Person). She is a member of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and Group A (The Abstract Group), and has exhibited widely throughout the region.

Karen Edwards, PhD
Karen Edwards was a Psychology Professor for 44 years, teaching courses in Abnormal Psychology, Human Sexuality, Psychology of Gender, Theories of Counseling, Psychology of Spirituality, etc. She co-wrote a book called Women of Wisdom: Celebrating the Passage into the Crone Years.

Karen has been a therapist and marriage counselor in Newton and Beverly MA for over 30 years. She has travelled to 49 countries exploring many religious paths, especially Buddhism. Karen writes poetry, short stories and makes art in a variety of mediums. She facilitates women’s rituals and retreats at various conference centers and Unitarian Universalist Societies.


This class is an invitation to come together just as we are, with no particular skill required, and embark on a series of creative adventures in a safe, supportive, space. The class offers a playful, fun and stimulating departure from conventional rulebooks where we learn to trust our unique, intuitive expression and give ourselves the freedom to venture beyond what we already know. We will be delighted and surprised by our artmaking, wordplay and poetry that emerges in the fertile ground of non-judgement or critique. Together, we will soften pre-conceived notions of right or wrong as we shake off our inner critic and greet our whole selves with a new energy, acceptance and joy.

The class is open to all and requires no previous art or writing experience. Come with curiosity and an open mind. Whether you are a practicing artist or writer seeking to expand your vision, or you’re convinced you have no talent, everyone will enjoy and benefit from this shared adventure!

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