The Great Conductors and Their Lives

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Tuesday 11:15 to 12:30

First Class: 1/12/2021

Weeks: 4


Instructor: Ari Delevie

I am a retired clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor, NY Medical College. I am not a musician, but a music lover. Taught opera, requiems, and symphonies courses at PCU for last three years. Also love to paint, sculpt, write, travel, cook, boat, do wood working, take in what life has to offer… with Judie and my family. Enthusiastic sharer of things I appreciate- like music.


Why do we need conductors? What do they do besides swing their arms? Why are some so famous? We will explore what conducting is, how it holds an orchestra together, pulls in crowds and compare conductors’ styles. We will take a peek at their lives and strengths, and experiencea lot of great music.

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