This Is My Life


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Wednesday 11:15 to 12:30

First Class: 1/13/2021

Weeks: 4
Limited Enrollment: 6


Instructor: Susan Dundon

Susan Dundon, a former Snowbird, is also a former columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer and contributor to the NYTimes and other newspapers and magazines. She has also contributed to NPR's Morning Edition. Her fictional memoir, To My Ex-Husband, was published in 1994.


The writing in this class will distinguish between the Personal and the Expository. The defining feature of a personal essay is Intimacy. The writer is speaking directly into your ear, confiding, confessing, sharing. Its purpose is not to inform, but to arouse: insight, empathy, compassion, sadness and-let's not forget-laughter.

Material suggested will be personal essays that can be found either on line or that will be distributed. Other "material" will be essays written by the group and shared. No one will be forced to read aloud, but certainly will be encouraged.

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