The Creative Buddha

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Wednesday 11:15 to 12:30

First Class: 1/20/2021

Weeks: 4


Instructor: Martin Lowenthal

Martin Lowenthal is author of eleven books, including Blessings of the Creative Buddha, Opening the Heart of Compassion: Transform Suffering Through Buddhist Psychology and Practice and Alchemy of the Soul. He was on the faculty of Boston College and Harvard University Extension and is currently the Senior Teacher with the Dedicated Life Institute.


We will explore the ways Buddhism approaches creation and offers us teachings for crafting a meaningful life in these challenging times. As a sophisticated philosophy and psychology developed over thousands of years, the creative aspect of Buddhism emphasizes clarity of mind, openness of heart, creative vitality, and dedicated service. Our nature is to create in every moment. The Buddha presented an ennobling path of meditation and virtues that supports the creation of personal and communal well-being, blessings and beauty.

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