Journeys In Hope: From Local to Global

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Tuesday 11:15 to 12:30

First Class: 3/9/2021

Weeks: 4
Limited Enrollment: 10


Instructor: Paula Rayman

Professor Emerita, University of Massachusetts; Founding Director of the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute , Harvard University; Chair of Peace and Conflict Studies Program, University of Massachusetts;author of “Nonviolent Action and Social Change; The Equity Equation; “Beyond the Bottom Line: The Search for Dignity at Work” and numerous international publications on issues of human rights and gender equality. Awards: Bunting Fellowship, Radcliffe College; Martin Luther King Award, University of Massachusetts; Fulbright Scholar, Queens University, Belfast and University of Haifa, Israel..


This seminar will explore the meaning of Hope, especially during times of crisis and conflict. The course will integrate materials from personal journeys to social movement endeavors. We will be inspired by diverse Cultural expressions of hope(art/music/poetry/dance); Personal Memoirs; documentary social media and moments from history and current events. We will address what is universal about the human experience of searching for Hope that exists beyond the pessimistic/optimistic framework. All course members will have an opportunity to share an experience of hope in their own life journey.

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