Contemporary Dance to Screen Dance

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Monday 11:15 to 12:30

First Class: 2/1/2021

Weeks: 4


Instructor: Laurence Siegel

Laurence Siegel has had a varied career in the arts including arts management, independent tv and film producing, and teaching drama at the Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto. He has been producing dance on film since 2007. His practice includes process, documentary and narrative genres featuring the creative work of contemporary choreographers and dancers.He also has a practice in black and white film-based street photography and has been associated with Gallery 44-Centre for Contemporary Photography.
He serves on the Board of Directors of Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre.


Contemporary Dance in the early 20th Century Session 1 -Origins and brief survey of some major movements and choreographers

Session 2 - 4 - Using dance films and discussion, focus on specific international contemporary choreographers and the evolution and practice of dance on film - Screendance

Participants will gain:
- an appreciation for the origins and development of Contemporary Dance
- some familiarity with the principal proponents of Contemporary Dance
- differences between filmed dance and dance made for the camera
- process of creating dance for the camera (Screendance)
-the world of getting Screendance to the viewing audience
-(where can I see this work?)

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